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Daniela Grigoli

Florentine tour guide

Daniela Grigoli

Tourist guide for over 10 years, Florentine since birth.

During my work and life experience, I have always lived in multicultural environments in close contact with tourism, both as an operator in the sector and as a tourist.

The love for travel took me away from my hometown to get to know more about different cultures, their habits and their language. I have learned that speaking the same language is not enough to really communicate with people, but it is necessary to empathize with them and if you know its habits in depth the result is even better.

In 2009 I completed my professional training obtaining the license of tour guide for Florence. I later extended my qualification for the city of Lucca, and to date, these are the two provinces in which I carry out with great passion my activity as a tour guide in four languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In recent years I have focused more on families and young adults, aware that children are an important resource for our future. Passing on my love for knowledge, also using the techniques learned through the art of theater, another great passion of mine, amuses them and makes me happy.

How about discovering Florence with a qualified guide who leads her tours with love?

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